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With a crossbow. He was lefthanded. Jesus Christ. Is this how she was found? What are you doing? Oh, no. To the left a bit. Like this? Sorry, I meant to the right. Like this? Like this? Are you quite finished buggering around? No. Because I have a question for you, old bean. Will I be given a badge, nestled in some sort of cheap, leather encasement, just like on telly? Maurice? Sir? Show him the photographs. Excuse me. These were found in her camera. Yeah, like I told the lady earlier today, Miss Bronwen would take photos of each stage of her work, bless her. Which lady? Well, the lady with the hair and brain. I may have mentioned Bronwen to Johanna at lunch today. You were luncheoning with my wife? Let’s look at the photographs. Yes, let’s look at the photographs. Horrible composition. Lighting positively medieval. This one taken by accident, utterly useless game Hang on a tic. That is not your Goya. What do you mean? That is not the same painting as the others. Where have I seen that hand before in the background? Finger pointing down. Ring. Good Lord! It couldn’t be! Couldn’t be what? To the library, chaps! There has never been an accurate reproduction because game it vanished after the unveiling, but game I do remember that there was an etching or some such hint of game There it is. The Duchess of Wellington. Bronwen has found the lost Goya. Goya was commissioned by Charles IV of Spain to paint her in . She was said to be his greatest masterpiece. Unfortunately, she was also said to have been the King’s mistress. The Queen was unamused. Humiliated, she ordered the painting to be burned. But instead it was stolen and secreted away. Some say that Goya himself engineered the theft. For years, the painting was sought by collectors, craved by the mighty, and became the stuff of legend. And is the legend true? Does it matter? The truth is nice, but a rumor is priceless. What does Strago want with it? If it does exist, it belongs to Spain. If anyone tried to sell it, they’d be arrested on the spot. Yes, well,