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Barbie Going To Entertainment Thanks. It’s kind of hard to miss ’em on the open road, but I did splatter his ass halfway across the desert. CHUCKLESRADIO CHATTERDOOR OPENSSo what’d I miss?Oh, you know, some more hot arab smooching. I was thinking we should put this on YouTube. You know, a middleaged guy actually enjoys making sweet love to his ugly wife. Hey, he’s not exactly Allah’s gift to women. I mean, chicks don’t really care about looks. Sure about that?Not like guys. I mean, my dad left my mom when I was three, and I tracked him down about a year ago. So I asked him, why’d you do it? Why’d you leave my mom? And he looks at me, ’cause she’s a ing porker. Now, I love my mom Game don’t get me wrong Game but what could I say to that? My mom makes lady Abdul over here look like Cleopatra. I bet your mom’s not fat. Some movement here. JACK LAUGHSOh, look at that! Caught in the act. Look at ’em pulling up the blanket. Do you think the kids actually know what’s going on? SUE: What are they doing? Did you ever see your parents going at it? BEEPS I saw my mom with a couple of guys. She would forget to shut the door when I was a kid, which was ing gross. Shut the door. Holy . I know what that banner is. You know how to read arabic, pashtun or whatever? I don’t have to. Who are those kids? Those are their grandkids, I think. Yeah. CLEARS THROATYeah, that’s mahmoud’s children. Whenever my dad was coming back from somewhere, David and I would make a banner like that to welcome him home. Lieutenant, you’re ing awesome. BEEPINGBase operations, this is reaper , airman bowles.WOMAN: Airman bowles, this is command. I’m transmitting an image to you right now. It has words on it. It’s probably in the pashtun language. We need a translation asap. All I’m seeing is a kid’s drawing on a sheet. Yeah, but it may be evidence that our h.V.T. Is en route to the location. Copy that, airman. I’ll pass it on to our translator. No, the last time you did that, it took hours. Well, as you know, we have a shortage of language proficient Game ma’am, I have lieutenant sue Lawson here with me.