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Barbie’s Sweet Makeup I’m at Cherevin. I’m having a little trouble accessing a group file code without a partnerlevel ABA dodge. Can you grab Rob for me? I know he’s in a meeting right now. For you, the world. PHONE RINGS BEEPS Jack! Hey, Rob. You find anything juicy over there? Oh, you know, accounts bullshit, hookers and hotels, same old, same old. Did Teddy tell you I need that dodge? I’ll give it to you on one condition. Shoot. If you get one whiff that FSB is involved in whatever this is, you run, do not walk, to the nearest airport. They play rough over there, Jack. Under two, Jack. Step it up. Understood. Yeah, understood, Rob. ROB: I worry about you, you know. Thanks. I appreciate it. Look, I’m a little pressed for time on this end. Ready? Yeah. Shoot. Four Game One Game Seven. You getting this? Uhhuh. One Game Eight Game Three Game Six. LINE DISCONNECTS Jack? We’re in. I’m not there yet. How we doing? Okay, unless he ran the red lights. TIRES SCREECHING Back on site. He ran the red lights. Get out. ALARM BLARING BEEPS Got it! Got it! Jack? You got trouble. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Main elevator is N.G. We’re working on another exit. I need it now. Yep, yep, yep. There it is. Private elevator. Back of Cherevin’s office. Go. BEEPS BEEPS DOOR OPENS Hit the service entrance button. Texting you Cyrillic icon now. BEEPS SECURITY SPEAKING RUSSIAN There’s an external staircase. SECURITY CLAMORING SECURITY SPEAKING RUSSIAN ELEVATOR DINGS DOORS CLOSE EXHALES Harper. Jack. STATIC Jack. Harper. Harper, can you hear me? Damn it. I’m flushed. Must be the wine. Or perhaps the company. Are you about to misbehave? Would you like me to? I haven’t decided yet. Telephone. BEEPING PEOPLE TALKING INDISTINCTLY BEEPING CONTINUES GUN COCKING HARPER: Jack, stop. GUNSHOT HARPER: Hurry up, Jack. He’s got Cathy and he’s on his way back to the building. Duck. GUNSHOT YELLS Keep moving, Jack. Staircase is clear to the ground. Go. SECURITY SPEAKING RUSSIAN Control, you’re on. SECURITY SPEAKING RUSSIAN Cathy. SPEAKING RUSSIAN I’m so sorry. Did you enjoy your walk, Dr. Ryan?