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Ya, to be the senior’s assistant. I used to have no feelings for magic tricks. But after the rehearsal in these few days, it feels kind of interesting. Can you come to the show next month? I would probably be busy. I Games perhaps I can’t. Oh, I see. Min-Lu Guan. How long are you going to talk? I have to go now. Talk later, bye. Bye. Excuse me Games Do you know where the club event is? Keep walking and you will see it. Thank you. Thank you all for coming to this event I would like to invite a volunteer up stage. Anyone would like to try? Anyone? Don’t be shy. Hi, mister, you are right on time. Here, come give me a hand please. Why are you here? That is a quite a bouque of flowers. For your girlfriend? Hmm. Let me help you decorate it. Here, it is a box. Take a look. A regular box. Check it through. Now, put your flower inside the box. Trust me. And then, I need you all to count to with me ,, Where is the flower? It didn’t work out. Pay for the flower then. Of course. But I need another favor. I have scarves here. And now I need to make a knot. Have you played this game before? Still angry? The trick is about interactions. He is just doing it for the effects. He is not trying to embarrass you. You Games Don’t you think your outfit tonight is a bit too y? And the last part where you dance with him do you have to Games hug and lay in his arms? I see. You get it then. You are getting jealous. No. Jealous. No. You’re jealous. Fine, if you say so. Come on Games Don’t be upset. Let me show you a trick. I never made it work but I can show you. Do it. There are little balls. And now they become . Give me your hands. Hurry Hold it Games and blow it and open your hands slowly. Yes! This is the first time I pull this off. What do you think? Xin-Rui. Hmm? Do you feel like you’ve changed? What do you mean? You are more cheerful than before. Really? Yes. Then maybe I am. Ya. What’s the difference? Look Games Meow meow. What? Meow meow. Meow meow. How much is it? About or thousand dollars. or thousand dollars! or .