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handcuffed and sent to Algiers tomorrow. We don’t want people like you. It’s terrible there. I want you to make a list of everything you’ve delivered, the names, addresses, codes and the amounts. You want me to betray friends? I already told you, it’s an anonymous system. Nobody knows what that money is used for. It’s based on trust. You don’t have a Belgian passport or refugee status, collaborate or kiss Europe goodbye. No. I can’t. I couldn’t live with myself. Take him away. What do they want? Wait! Why were you speeding? No talking for hours. Hamid, I’ll get you out. Mr. Valence, come into my office. Your brother paid your bail. He’s waiting outside. The examining judge made this decision, not me. Of course, there’s the funeral to attend. You can’t leave the country and you have to provide us with an address. You will remain at the disposal of the police hours a day. I expect to see you in my office tomorrow at AM. Bring the list. Hamid? Yes. I’m Isabella. Louis’s girlfriend? Yes. He went to get croissants. Did you see that shop? It’s funny. I wondered if I lived here, what I’d pick if I wanted to buy myself a gift. What would you pick? I don’t know! Introduced yourselves yet? Hamid, my brother. Sounds funny. Were they a pain to you? Any idea where I was? What are you doing? I paid your bail. The examining judge said you have to be there at AM. What do they want? Why did you pay my bail? You couldn’t stay in jail. I would’ve been out in days. That’s what you think. Shall we? They won’t wait for us. They said you worked for the hawala, some kind of mafia. I didn’t even know it existed. Ever heard of it? Let’s say you live in Brussels and you want to transfer money. You go to a hawala shop or restaurant, give money, nd thy gv yv a code. You call your payee, give him the code, so he’s able to receive money in a shop in his country that’s involved in the hawala, right? Billions are transferred this way every year. Without paying taxes! billion dollars are transferred without a trace. It drives the cops mad!