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None of them could do better. Would you care for some lunch? Now, don’t look so chapel. It’s official business. I’ve, uh, got a proposal for you. When I’m not busy special advising, I work for a man called Gabriel Baker. Remember him? The Hungarian. He’s a producer. Desperate to make a film that will make a difference. Hello, Tom. Thelma. Sorry. Excuse me. Dunkirk. The evacuation of troops trapped by the German advance. Seven hundred fishing boats and the Royal Navy on a mission to bring our boys home. Twin sisters took their father’s cockle boat over to join the rescue, came back with a deck full of soldiers. It’s everything the Ministry are after. Authenticity and optimism. Contradiction in terms, if you ask me, but this could be a bloody good story. Before they’ll give it the go-ahead, they want someone to go down there to talk to the girls. Me? Unless your artist would object. So, how did you meet? He came to Ebbw Vale to paint the steelworks. Ah, he’s one of those artists. Older than you? Yes. Fifty? No. Sixty? Oh, I bet he’s a toff. No one else can afford to be an artist. Actually, his family disinherited him. Because of you? Because of his politics. So what do you think? A day at the seaside. And you never know, if there’s a film at the end of it, there might be a better job in it for you. We’ll need someone to write the slop. Slop? Girl talk. Women’s dialogue. “Woof, woof.” Hello. I’ve come to see Rose and Lily Starling. We’re not to talk to the papers. We’re not to let no one in. I’m not from the papers. I’m from the Ministry of Information. The Film Division. Film? And you went to Dunkirk? We meant to, but the engine stopped five miles out. Broken bearing. We never got there. But in the paper, it said you brought home troops. This steam tug on its way back gave us a tow. There were soldiers spilling over the rails, so we pulled some on the Nancy. Someone seen us docking and put it in the paper. They got the wrong end of the stick, didn’t they? Dad said he’d be a laughingstock, said we mustn’t tell the papers.