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Barrier-free I’ve encouraged my daughter since nursery to take up a job in the private sector Game Mayera’s salary at this point is more than What I get after thirtyfive years of service Game You write Game Dear sir, I have to bring to your notice Game Sir one humble opinion sir Game Yes? Sir, you’re just a month away from retirement Game Why resign? Game You’ll lose your pension sir Game It’s just a matter of one month Game But as per your dictation Game What dictation Game Let us shift office Game Let’s move to Animal Husbandry Game Shit shit shit, it’s ten thirty Game papa’s gonna kill me Listen Game I will come with you, he wont lose it in front of me Game Really? Of course! Let him just try saying something to you Game Osama, Obama whatever don’t worry I’ll sort everything Game Of course. What is he Game a dinosaur? Who sets deadlines these days? I’m not afraid of anyone, ok! Mayera Game How many times have I told you Game Sir there’s very very very bad traffic out Game Is anyone talking to you? No, right? Who is this? Mohit Chaddha papa, my friend! That’s me. He’d got you cake and wine on New Year’s eve Game Come on papa, he was here on my birthday Game he’d got me those expensive shoes, and you’d said what kind of fool gifts shoes on a birthday Game We had a fight over that Game Oh Game right Game airline boy Game Right Game Air Connect Game Junior Ex Game Senior Mayera, Senior Game have you forgotten? Sorry! How dare you reprimand my daughter! Err.. ma’am Game Senior what? Sorry? Senior peon, senior clerk, senior typist, senior what? Senior executive sir So good night Mr. Senior Game it’s very late, I’m sure you’re sleepy too. No no Game Not really sir Do you like cars sir? I’ve bought a new one Game it’s automatic Would you like to check it out? It’s so cool! Mayera Game Thank you for dropping my daughter Game Good night Game God damn these executives Game Bloody Osama! Chill it’s me.. Now what? I love you Ditto Mayeru I love you, but today is Sunday! Get up Game we’re going on a picnic Game Are you good at Frisbee? Flush?