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And it’s only possible together, one for another, otherwise… It’s impossible by oneself. There’s no point. It’s a vicious circle. How can I explain that to him? And make him see and understand what he’s doing. Mom, we’re back. Why is he here? Why isn’t he home? Kir! How can you behave like that? Nina, I’ll come right away. I am sorry, Robert. Don’t worry about that. I should go now. please. Viktor? It’s me, Alexander. How are you? I’ll come today for my children. Tell them when they wake up. I’m calling from the city. I’ll be there soon. Did you hear my question? Where’s the money? I swear I’ve lost it. Milya! Yes, Irina Petrovna.. Give me a hand here. I can’t pull on this bloody boot. A Moscow friend is coming to visit Sergey Arkadyevich. Olshevsky, the screenwriter He ‘ll spend the night here. Let him sleep in your room, and you can sleep in the kitchen. I was thirteen when I first saw it. That night I came up with a cunning plan to seduce our maid Milya. Can you help me take the basket to the loft? My poor boy, do you want it so much? Why didn’t you tell me earlier, my dear? Suppressing desires for so long is bad for a boy ‘s health. Misha, why don’t you say hello? Hi, Zaitseva. Hello, Mika. Hi, Stepan. Are you playing Athos? Why such a sour face? Polyakov is putting on airs. Just you tell me, Nelly! I ‘ll teach this kike a lesson! “This kike”? What’s that? Didn’t you know, Zaitseva? Polyakov is a Jew. Doctor, how is my son? He’s lost a lot of blood and he has a concussion” It’s too early to make any prognoses I was in a lot of pain, raving and hallucinating. It seemed like something in my head had cracked. Strange things began happening around ma. Suddenly I saw an island in the ocean. I was flying over it. Then I kind of calmed down, for the pain had gone. But I felt that my world had changed. Mommy, iris’ so good you came. My dear boy. Have I changed a lot? No, darling. If it’s the hair, don’t worry, it’ll grow. And everything will get back to normal. No, not everything. Hello, guys Misha! It’s nice to see you again!