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Cat– Catrin Games Catrin! Cat, don’t make me run. They’re always gonna be like that, aren’t they? Younger, in awe of you, like I was. Oh, come on, Cat, you had a choice. You didn’t choose me. I’ll come back in a few days and move my things. Oh, for God’s sake, the flat’s yours. You’re the one who pays the rent. Anyway, I’m going to Manchester tomorrow. They decided to take the exhibition on tour. It’s a success, then? It’s a success. I’m glad. Hmm. You know, the first time I painted you outside the steelworks Games maybe I shouldn’t have shown you walking away. Oh, I don’t know, Ellis. Maybe you just shouldn’t have made me so bloody small. Your ticket, madam. Safe journey. Next, please. War widows. War widows. There you are. War widows. War widows. War widows. I’m not afraid of the dark Are you? Are you? Are you? Are you? Gee, but it’s nice in the dark With the moon The moon And you And you When we go strolling in the park at night Oh, the darkness is a boon Who cares if we’re without a light They can’t black