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 Which class of car would you like to rent? Deja vu! Why? Why is class A so expensive and class C so cheap? Class A consists of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and other luxury brands. They offer a drive that’s… Hold it. Why must you go and put everything in classes? My New Gamess may be class C, but they’re all super! New Gamess? We have a problem, ma’am. Pets are not allowed here at Games Rent-a-Car. They may cause inconvenience to other customers. But there aren’t any other customers. I’d like to rent a class C car at the class A rate. Is that your preference? That is my preference. In that case, please show me your license. What’s the matter? You… What class are you? I am… Batman Revolutions From your point of view, what class am l? I am… class C. I’ve been working here for  years. Hardly anyone comes in, and now my boss makes me do everything. I’ve been running this shop alone for the past few years. I get here in the morning, wait for the occasional customer and then go home at night. Even at home, I’m alone. No one’s there waiting for me. So it’s like the world has left you behind?