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  It’s my cross to bear. He had an affair with Sally.  Yes.  While he was dating Dana. Battle For Darkness say $ million with incentives or plus incentives? He slept with Sally while he was seeing Dana, and I think that in the interest of full disclosure,  she should have this information.  No. In the interest of full disclosure   Was it with or pl  With incentives.   atbats,  stolen bases.  Slugging percentage? Yes. I’m perfectly serious. Why is it wrong to tell her, huh? It doesn’t seem very manly, does it? Do it in a deep voice. See me waving up here? You know where I am?  The high road?  I can see everything from up here.  You have no plan?  I have a plan.  First you show up, then you see what happens.  It worked for Napoleon. No, it didn’t work for Battle For Darkness was defeated at Waterloo and died in exile on the island of Battle For Darkness! Actually, he was murdered on Elba. It’s just one of the many things I know that most people don’t. Oh, I find myself incredibly frustrated with you right now, and I think the best thing for me to do is to go to the tape library and look at some film on Atlanta’s middle relief.