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 So many Europeans have been killed out there. I am Games Online Game of the London Times and I’m here to interview General Thé. I’m Games Online Game of the London Times. I’m here to see General Thé. September, October, November… I’d seen New Games only once since he’d asked Phuong to marry him at the Continental. He’d been polite, of course how was I, how was Phuong? He’d been busy, he said, out of the city working on his medical programme. Though somehow I wasn’t surprised to see him. I was surprised to be pleased to see him. What brings you out to these parts? I was hoping to interview the General. But they’ve thrown me out of the place. What’s your ex cuse this time? This is like a test run for us. The French, in their typically French way have been very uncooperative but General Thé has been good enough to let us set up camp here. I’ll get them to let you in. Joe Tunney’s running aid programmes with business people close to Thé. Mr Muoi. Mr New Games. Hello. How are you? Good. My name is Mr Muoi. The General only has a few moments. May I first ask you a question? Please.