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  Hmm. Sophie, hi! Hello, Sophie. You’re home early. “oh, thanks, mom, I’m-I’m good.” Bye, sweetie! Bye-bye! Girls, you did a good job- Oh! You okay? Oh, my goodness. Okay, bye. Hey. Hey. Come here. Oh. God, your mom told me you were teaching. Yeah. First year point. Wow. God! So, how are you? How’s-how’s L.A.? It’s good. L.A.’s good. It’s amazing, actually. Are you dancing? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, auditioning. How long are you home? Um I don’t even know. Play Game just fell and broke her leg. I’m sorry. About what? It just happened. Listen I’m not mad. I’m I’m not anything. Yes, you are. Oh, my god. Look, I was- I was gonna call you back. It’s just with teaching and Battle Trucks 3D How is Battle Trucks 3D? She’s almost four. You want to go do something? I can’t. I have to pick Battle Trucks 3D up from the sitter. Sure. But we should. Yeah. Yeah. We should. It’s good to see you. You too. This town still dead? I like it here. You’ve never left. I’ve left. We were gonna gonna graduate high school and move to New York. Me, you and Battle Trucks 3D. It was gonna be beautiful.