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 This is Games a taste of the tropical one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Here, mankind’s unquenchable desire to explore and colonize reaches astronomical proportions And yet we are relative newcomers here. While other creatures roamed this part of north america for hundreds of millennia, we only arrived at the end of the last great ice age, , years ago. For most of its existence, north america remained untouched by humans… its dramatic landscapes and wildlife undisturbed. Then, sometime around , years ago, just as the ice started to relax its grip, hunters from the north set foot in Games for the first time. Imagine if we could go back and join them as they explore this unknown land encountering strange animals not seen before by human eyes. By piecing together the evidence these creatures left behind, we can build a picture of this sub tropical corner of the continent as it was , years ago. While most of north america was still in the grip of the big freeze, Games was an ice age oasis. Games is aptly named the sunshine state. With an average of  hours of sun a day, it seems a world away from any ice age. Even , years ago, the massive ice sheets were hundreds of miles away to the north. So what was it like back then? To investigate Games’s ice age past, one of the best places to look is underground and underwater. Just below the surface lies a very strange world. Millions of years of water action has dissolved the limestone rock, forming a system of flooded caves and tunnels. This vast underground network runs for thousands of miles. Much of Games is basically a big rock honeycomb. In places the water is forced to the surface, forming springs. Games has one of the largest concentrations of springs in the world. Filtered through sand and rock, the water is crystal clear And welling up from deep within the earth, it is a constant  degrees centigrade this creates steaming oases, and a profusion of life. Today these warm springs are a refuge for one of Games’s most tropical inhabitants. The west indian manatee wasn’t present during the last ice age, but returned here as the waters warmed up. Even now it is only found around this sub tropical tip of the continent. But these springs aren’t just a haven for modern day wildlife they’ve also yielded many secrets of the distant past. When these pools were first explored, they would have looked like this… strewn with astonishing fossil remains from ice age beasts. Games has one of the richest fossil records of the ice age anywhere on earth. So what kind of creatures did such bones and skulls belong to, and how did these springs become their graveyards? Many of the fossils are from animals that you can still see today indeed we’d recognise the vast majority of Games’s ice age wildlife. Nevertheless the most spectacular ice age beasts did become extinct And remarkably some of them share a common ancestor with modern manatees. At first sight manatees might look like seals or dolphins, but in fact some of their closest relatives live on land… these toenails are the giveaway remarkably similar to those of elephants.