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Be quick win Hey hey jigida jigida Hey hey jigida jigida Go to hell! What a crap raise! Hey what about you? What a shame it took them this long.. Game now if they’d done this a year ago.. I’d have easily doubled productivity by now Game Meet the new Senior Executive, Marketing and Sales. Wow! You’re really cool bro Game Thanks Game thanks guys Guess what? What? Check this out. Wow Game Gold! Guess the credit limit. Hmmm Game two? Hunh! Three! WOW! Wow! Mayera no Mayera you bought sandals just last month Game What do you think? Very hot Game Shall I gobble you up? It’s slightly expensive Game Should I? Go for it. Here you go. Hang on Game Wow! Platinum! When did this happen? Today! And the credit limit Game four lakhs? Wow Game the four lakh platinum card Game And here I’m showing off my three lakh gold Game Why didn’t you tell me dear? Sweetheart Game I didn’t want to ruin your excitement Game This is why Game Your card ma’am. Mayera Game you’re too Game Love you. I love you too Game Your signature please Game Thanks Thank you You are welcome sir Enjoy your cheesecake Uuuhh.. nice This is yumm So where do we go from here? Back to office No silly Game we’ve been together for two years, now what? What? Game Now? Papa is looking for proposals Game all multi millionaires. Hmm Game Multimillionaire ha!! Not bad! Not bad. Ok, I will say yes to the richest guy. Done? Done Game Excuse me. Cheque please Game My turn!! Game Wow!! Ok Mayera Sehgal, if I was promoted a year ago, I would have proposed then and saved you from Papa Osama’s bombardment Anyway, now that I’m a Senior Executive, So Game Will you marry me? Yes Game Let me tell papa Game Mention Senior Executive Mohit Chaddha Game Osama will be impressed Game If you call my dad Osama once more, I swear I’ll mix RDX in your coffee! Tell him about my car Game my car Game Ok. Hey, tell him that Game Shush Game ringing Game Hi papa Why didn’t you call at lunch time? I was in an important meeting Game I sent you an sms, you never read them Game Should I read my transfer orders now, or your messages?