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Get me out of here, Roger. I will. It’s all in hand. No, no, no. You listen to me. Just get me out of here. Case BA-, People vs. Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez is charged with illegal possession of an automatic weapon as set forth in section , subsection “B” of the California Penal Code. Is Mr. Alvarez represented by counsel? Mr. Alvarez pleads innocent. He’s a juvenile. Nothing’s served by his detention until trial. We request release on O.R. Denied. Bail set at $,. Court secretary will set a date for trial. Case BA-, People vs. Michael Carr. Mr. Carr is charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute as set forth in section and of the California Health and Safety Code. Is Mr. Carr represented by counsel? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Carr pleads innocent. Your Honor, he is a model citizen, owns his own home. He’s in business locally. His wife is a teacher in a respected local private school. We request bail on O.R. Your Honor, Mr. Carr pled out a similar case in Austin, Texas, eight years ago. Bring it here. What about this? It wasn’t me. Look, I took an investor out on the town. He stuck a vial of blow under the car seat. A lawyer said the easiest thing to do was to plead it out, but it wasn’t me. Doesn’t matter. You took the deal. It’s on the record. Counselor, in light of this, O.R. is denied. Bail is set at $,. Case BA-, People vs. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is charged with felony grand theft auto as set forth in section of the California Penal Code. Mr. Jenkins pleads not guilty, Your Honor. There’s no evidence of anything Games Having trouble making bail, Mike? Money’s a little tight? Karen’s really upset. You really shouldn’t have done this to her, Michael. She’s all alone now. But don’t worry. Not for long. I want you to know she’s going to be taken care of. I know what Karen needs, and isn’t it her happiness that we both want? If you could find us, why not look us up? Love to have you over for a barbecue. If you go near her Games I’ll kill you. So long, Mikey. You look good in blue. Hey. Hi. How you doing? Fine.