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Beach Beauty fashion Two words, ma’am: Money shot. We should play.Colonel said this was a prime location. Yeah, well, the colonel’s intel is ed half the time. You should get your old man to give him a call. CLEARS THROATMaybe he could hook us up with a bitching mission.I don’t play the daddy card. SIGHS It’s not my thing. I don’t understand that. I mean, if my dad was your dad instead of a halfdrunk cab driver, I’d be all over him for this.BEEPS See those swings? That’s the closest my dad ever came to flying anything. When he would push me on those ers when I was a kid. When is bingo time?He would call me flyboy. What time is bingo? Going stir crazy already, ma’am? I just want to keep track here. Well, we run out of juice in an hour . Are you sure we’ll have enough to get back to base? Well, if not, we’ll have one hell of a kaboom. Yeah, that’s all I need right now Game crash a $million aircraft. SIGHS God, is it always this stuffy in here? I’ll go turn on the a.C. You’re not worried about washing out of this, are you? JET PASSES OVERHEAD I’m sorry. That came out a lot worse than I thought it would. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t worry about it. I wasn’t even in a plane until last year, but I was such a kickass gamer, they gave me a shot. They threw me in the ing training program with all these hotshit baggers Game dudes who flew two tours in the sandbox. They wouldn’t even sit next to me in the ing cafeteria, but I blew ’em all out of the water. And since then I’ve had successful target prosecutions in months on that console.MUTTERS CLICKS WHIRS, SPUTTERS Air force of the future. Can’t fix a goddamn air conditioner, but they can target haji halfway around the ing world. It screws with your sleep when you’ve been hot all day. Gives you weird ing dreams. CLICKSOh God.So if somebody’s a jock, I imagine they can pick up video games without too much trouble. It’s okay, ma’am. I’ve got you covered. I’ll take care of you.LAUGHS I’ll teach you money shot, which is important, ’cause it’s our flight simulation. And then we can just play around, maybe call of duty.