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 You gotta be tired from being on your feet all day. We should sit down. Sorry, sorry, Hope threw her pacifier in that coin fountain at the mall. Games made a wish on it, so he wouldn’t let us take it back out. Hi! How are you? I’m good. Did you do your Beach Buggy Stunts things? Yep, and we were just about to sit down. Play Game was just telling me about some of your family portraits. Really? I hope he didn’t say anything to make me look too crazy. Doesn’t Hope need her pacifier? She can suck on Games’s knuckle for a while. Come here, honey. I want to tell you about a couple of these. I want to make sure you see the kind of idiots I’m dealing with before you think I’m the crazy one. This is some couch. Sure is. What are you doing coming in there and using the dip before I get a chance?! You’re totally couchblocking me. Play Game, you could end up marrying this girl. I am not gonna let you paint me out to be the crazy motherinlaw. You already made me a stinking grandmother at . Play Game, are you missing a clump of hair in this photo? Yes, he is. He ate it.