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Beach Cute Kissing the private and risky experience of those people who game how can I put it.. has touched a “violent life”. But don’t make a fool of yourselves. You lot with your school your tv with the calm of your newspapers you are the great preservers of this horrible order an order based on the idea of possessing and on the idea of destroying. Let me get back to the first question. You magically wipe out everything, the compulsory school, the elected officials, the tv itself. What do you have left? Everything. I have everything left. Myself, to be alive, to be alive in the world, to see, to work, to understand, my books My movies. I would keep making cinema even if I were the last man on the Earth, maybe I’d keep making it because I need it because I like making it and I would make it. Either I kill myself game or I make it! I, I game by making cinema by making it I somehow express myself. And if this expression of mine gets alienated, who cares! In the meanwhile I’ve expressed myself as free as I could. Now enough about myself I’ve just talked too much about myself, everybody know that I pay my experiences on my skin, maybe it’s me who’s wrong, but I’ll keep telling you that we’re all in danger. Pasolini, if this is your vision of the world, I don’t know if you would accept the question, but how can you push back risk and danger? It got late it’s better for us to stop here. Maybe you could leave me these questions. There are too many absolute arguments, leave me some time to think about those. To write it’s much easier to me than to talk. I’ll add some notes and I’ll leave them to you in the morning. Do you have headline? “We’re all in danger?”. Damn the fascists all to Hell! Good evening. Good evening. Good evening, Pierpa’. Are you closing up? No, it’s always opened for you, Come in, Maestro. How are you? Fine. Where have you been? In Stockholm. Ah, and what’s there to see? They translated my “Le ceneri di Gramsci”. Ah well done! Have you felt the tension in the streets? Two boys have been killed right around the corner.