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They’ll stay with my sister. They’ve been through so much already. They’ll be fine, Lane. Happy parents make happy kids. Just think about it, all right? It’s been a long night. I’ll go with you. Thank you. I hate Upstate. You don’t hate Upstate, you just hate your dad. I think I hate them both. Can I hate them both? Yes, you can hate them both. Rise and shine, beautiful. No. Pancakes and coffee. And bacon? Of course! I’ve got to call housekeeping. I got to get my dress steamed. Wait, wait. Wait one second. What have you done? Who would have ever thought you’d be able to afford this ring? You did. Tell me the newsstand story. And I want a massage. I forgot how high maintenance you are. Mmmhmm. Okay, the newsstand story. Once upon a time, there was this incredibly good looking kid. Awkward kid. Oh, right, I’m sorry, that was a different story, my bad. There was this incredibly awkward kid in Teaneck, who used to rack magazines at a store around the corner from his house, so he could make some extra bucks. He was usually bored out of his skull, but one day, this knockout walked in. Long black hair, and some really incredible radio You know what I’m saying? There was just something about this girl. So this kid, started dressing up for work. Bullshit, he wore a Tshirt. If you knew how carefully he selected them for fit and color. Anyway, the point of the story is that every day this kid would wait, wondering when that girl would come back in. Mmm. And then, one day she came back in and asked the old man behind the counter for a pack of smokes. And, when he turned around she boosted a candy bar and stuck it down her pants. But before she left, she turned around and gave the kid a huge smile. Blew him away. He thought, this chick is hot and crazy. So he rushed out after her, desperate to get the nerves up to talk to her for the first time, and then she did the thing that just owned him. She gave the candy bar to the homeless guy who lived in the alley. And right then, the kid was done. Whatever it took, he knew he was gonna marry that girl.