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Beautiful Dear Well, if it ain’t old Joshua. My main man. Uhhuh, yeah. How did you find us? Word gets out. Know what I’m saying? I want you to meet somebody. You chose a bad time. Call me next week. No, no. Now. You don’t know when to quit, do you? My man just kicked five asses. You want to be number six? Ha ha ha. OK. it. Follow me. I love New York. Is there a fire someplace? Hey, lookit here. Wait here. Formal, ain’t he? Hey, this is your ticket, man. Ticket to L.A. Anyplace else you want to go. Check it out. That, my man, is the lady. And this is her show. Been a long time, Joshua. I see your taste is improving. Who’s this? This is the Lion, king of the jungle. Joshua, please. What’s your name? Lyon. Lyon? You’re French? What’s the difference? Ha ha ha. It’s all right. My man don’t like talking about himself, where he comes from, any of that mess. Is it cool? Cool. I can appreciate a little attitude, as long as he can give them what they want to see. Come on, get him! Get him! Come on! Ha! Look at that. Come on! Come on! Come on. Yeah. Ugh! Hyah! Come on, get up! Get up! Ow! Get up! Come on! Whoo! Bring it in! What is this? End your fight! Come on! Let’s do lunch sometime. Sonny! Sonny! Sonny! Sonny! Now it’s time to find out how bad you wanna get to L.A., my man. No nickelanddime shit here. Hey, there they are. Sure you want to mess up that face, handsome? You’re up, stud. Hey, wake up. Fight’s this way. It’s all right. Everything going to be just fine. Hey, how you doing, Josh? You all right? What are you calling it? I make Sonny a to favorite. What’s the other kid’s name? Lionheart. Lionheart. Hey, I got to against Lionheart. to against Lionheart. to. grand? Got it. All right, sir. Dig it, Lionheart Game % off the top if we win, % if we lose. We? Hey, man! Who brought you here, sucker? Ok, I got it. I got it. I’ll bet this whole wad on your ass. You whip this sucker’s ass, and we split . Huh? Man, shit. Lookit here. Yeah. We’re partners, man. Huh? Yeah. Don’t either one of us ever forget that. Talk to me. We haven’t got all night.