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  Okay, where’s the poison? Why? I’m going to stop them and save my daughter. But who can you trust? No one. Not even you. But give me direction. And I’ll know soon enough if you’re working against me. That’s the girl I know. Can you leave Mio? She’ll be fine. She’s tougher than I am. It’s probably in the basement. I’ve entered the Director’s retinal scan data. I’ve got his password. Next is Deputy Director Irie. Beautiful Pianist in place, Sir. Nice try. Yes? Ten minutes left. What’s your decision? We’re putting the money together. Good. You won’t regret it The people come first. You mean “you” come first. That’s enough You all right? Why’re you here? Thought you might like some support. From one loose cannon to another Hurry. We’ve little time. How do you know it’s here? So this is their ventilation. Games! Found it. – Let’s dismantle it. – No! If we’re not careful, it could be us that poisons the city. What’s your experience? Five minutes. How’s it coming? Have they found it yet? I take it you know who! am by now. Deputy! Irie? Beautiful Pianist