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had thrown everything up and literally redecorated the toilets. She’d obviously been wiping her face, and all the mascara had been rubbed off on the towels. And that’s when I kinda realized that something serious was wrong. I had a toffee fudge game but I ate it. Yummy. When she was probably , she one day said, I’ve got this really great diet, Mum. I eat what I want and then, I just bring it all up. I know, I’m a pig. I know I’m a pig, I just game can’t help it. JANIS: I obviously did not think that deeply of it. My feeling was, it would pass. And then she told Mitchell about it. He also sort of pushed it aside, not taking it seriously. That basically is bulimia. And it doesn’t pass. MAN: Hello. AMY: Hello. You alright? Welcome to the show. Now, you’ve been away for a little while. What have you been up to? I’ve done an album. It’s called Back To Black. Mm-hmm. How would you describe it? It’s a lot more game more game I don’t wanna say more raw, but it’s not got all the clever, like, jazz chords. It’s not really like that now. I’ve been listening to a lot of girl groups, a lot of garage bands. It’s kinda what it’s like. It’s a lot more guitar. I’m a guitarist, I’ve been listening to a lot more guitar bands. In Camden, you can’t really get away from it, so game You can’t. It rubbed off on me. Would you go as far as to say it’s a bit more accessible than your debut? I’d say it was more accessible. It’s not necessarily more poppy, but, you know, jazz is quite an exclusive. Not exclu game It’s quite an elitist music, you know, and this album’s a lot less like that. I’d rather be at home with Ray So let’s talk about your music, then. And Rehab has gone down so well. Are you kind of surprised by the reaction to it? Uh game I am, actually. I never even thought it’d be a single, really. The record company were like, We want it to be a single. And I was, like, Okay, I love all of it, know what I mean? I’m really proud of it. Now, the Q Awards, which you were at yesterday. Did you have a good time? I had too good a time,