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Beautiful Spring Prints Roger that. I’ll contact centcom and get the nineline asap. They’ll be extremely pleased. Out. Jesus. ing bureaucrats. It’s the whole reason we lost Vietnam. Those kids are like Game Six and eight? You’re gonna earn your stripes on this one, lieutenant. Hey, why is she outside sweeping? Her husband’s already here? Why would she be outside cleaning if her husband’s already here? I don’t know. She’s ing compulsive like my mom. Are we positive that that was mahmoud kahlil? I am. Are you not? Well, airman, do you have a copy of that photo? KEYBOARD CLICKS This is himyears ago getting wasted. This is him two seconds ago. See? It’s the same guy.No, look at their faces. He grew a beard.Look at their foreheads. Well, I mean, that’s what happens to guys when they get older. They lose a little bit of their hair. Yeah, did he get a nose job? Disarm. CLICKS, BEEPS Hey, listen, we just got a ing break. If that’s not kahlil, we can still hit him on the road. All right, but he better ing show up soon. Bring up the m.T.S. Reaper , you are cleared to engage for immediate attack. No sir, there’s Game I’m sorry. There seems to be a small hitch in the mission. We happened to have I.D.’Ed the wrong guy. It’s not Game it’s not mahmoud. Are you shitting me?I’m sorry, sir. I just called the secretary of state about the wrong man? Yes, but that’s because they look awfully alike, sir. So what are you saying, airman? All towelheads look alike? Get some ing glasses, you idiot. Sir, we are trying to avoid Gamesing civilians. This is exactly the kind of halfassed bullshit that drives centcom up the ing wall. We can rectify it, sir. We believe that mahmoud’s still coming. You’d better pray he’s still coming. SIGHS I’m not blaming you, lieutenant. Obviously you outrank airman bowles, but today is your first day. This isn’t your fault. I appreciate that, sir.As for you, airman bowles, if this hvt isn’t blown to hell real soon, I’ll see to it that you never fly again. Now you are under strict orders to engage mahmoud kahlil the moment you see him.