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  Hmm. All right, Benji. That’s me. You goin’ to Lompoc? ’cause I would love a shower. Absolutely. Yeah, let’s go. Flash Games. Flash Games. “sheriff,” young lady, “sheriff.” Coffee black, slice of pie, Apple if you have it. Right away, sheriff. Oh! My god, Sophie! Hi. Hi. Hey! My baby girl. Oh, my baby girl. Come here. Oh! You only have one suitcase? Yeah. Okay. So, um Sorry I’m I’m-I mean, I’m sorry about the late notice. No, no, no. Come on in. I hope you’re hungry, because I made reservations at the club. Is- I hope that’s okay. That’s fine. Oh, honey. You just- You look great. Really? Thank you. So do you. Well, thanks. Um I lost ten pounds since I saw you last. Well, a year and a half. Not exactly a miracle diet. Um- um- I’m just- oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you want to go ahead and get settled in, um, your room is all made up. What happened to that eye? Hmm. Senior pictures. Remember those senior class pictures? Flash Games Gibbs, that son of a bitch, Gives me a cheap elbow. First day of basketball practice, big shiner.