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What’s on your mind, Jeff? How about everything? Can we narrow it down a little bit? See, now you’re making fun of me. Come on, Jeffrey, relax. Can’t worry about the whole world. Okay, Dad, I’ll just stick to our block. And it’s fruit juice for Mr Morose. Thank you. See you guys in a bit, okay? Do you wanna watch the movie? No. Were you troubled at home, Roy? I had a great home. I can’t imagine you as a kid. I was a wonderful kid. What did your father do? A cop. Good cop or bad cop? Bad cop. Wouldn’t kiss ass. Good father. You’re making me revise my opinion of the FBI. Barbara. You don’t have to say anything. You love me? Only two left, Konstantin. The money, comrade. The money. Jesus. Come on, give me the ball. That’s . Don’t you have to win by two? I already won by four. Want something cold to drink? What have you got? Everything. Help yourself. I got chips to go with that. Jeffrey Nicholas Grant. Well, that sounds official. Your parents are Russian spies. Your parents are KGB agents. Sleepers, they’re called. Deep cover. They blend with the country they’re assigned to. Own homes, hold jobs, raise families. They sleep for years. But when they awake, they’re lethal. Let’s go back to your Air Force Academy investigation. What happened to that? What about it? What happened to your investigation? There wasn’t any. Richard and Elizabeth Grant entered this country through Canada. Took their IDs off headstones in the Spokane Cemetery. Three years later, you were born. Wanna see your birth certificate? No, thanks. Sure you don’t want some chips? I exist on corn chips and jalapeños. Not too swift around a stove. Your dad loved Western music. Hustled Beatles records in Central Army Park. What they call a fartsovsnchi, a black marketeer. Can you spell that for me? He did two years in Lubyanka prison Game then they shipped him to Gaczyna, KGB’s Quantico. Dad liked Gaczyna better. That’s where he met Mum. I see.