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For me or the police? That depends. You know, Johnny Games I could make a big man out of you. I’ve helped a lot of people. It’s a hobby of mine to take a human being Games and give them glamour Games Game Games confidence and polish. Game Darling? Would you excuse me a moment? I know you’re busy, darling, so Games I’m going over to Helen’s for a while. Did you have to call me in here to tell me that? I wanted to say goodbye. I couldn’t very well have done that in front of company, could I? Game Be home early? Game Of course. Give my best to Helen. You see, Johnny, this is the thing Games I can give a person dignity and pride.. Games help them face the world. I can face the world. Oh, can you? The world you’re in now? I see how you win your court cases. Let me tell you the story of a man I once helped. His name is Hayes Stewart. A rather handsome chap Games Games considering the tawdry profession he was in. He was a pickpocket. Did you ever hear of anything lower than a pickpocket? Yeah, I’ve heard of a few. Well, I met him in a rather odd manner. Well, he stole my wallet. He emptied my briefcase. Then came to my apartment and had the gall to blackmail me for its contents. And he was really very good at it. You should have turned him in. No, no, he could be of use to me. Before he left here I convinced him. That I could find better things for him to do. For instance Games Games certain documents in my possession Games Games often prove very valuable during a trial. Now he’s worked for me ever since. He’s prosperous, wears the finest clothes, and has the manners of a gentleman. Yeah. And the instincts of a killer. I’ve heard of him. He’s the job I have for you. Mr. Stewart is becoming very ambitious. He wants to be independent. He’s going to try to break into my office safe. Game What’s he after? Game A document. What? The Declaration of Independence? That’s what he thinks. He’ll be at the Fister Building on Dearborn St. at AM this morning.