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you should notify me immediately? Game even if it were midnight. Do you understand, the midnight. If he has told me yesterday that the telegram has arrived, we could possibly stop, and now Game Maybe some good will come from this. What can I do with the telegram this morning? In principle, what can we do? We are now Jugochick, not a Jugochic. That’s it. We are putting posters everywhere, radio is broadcasting our ads, but the models are not coming. You and I can put on those dresses. What is it? I can’t stop anything any more. Why you can’t? Games That would be a scandal. I am not concern about the scandal, but about the market. It will be taken over by Jugofashion. No panicking, maybe we’ll find some way out. I am afraid that we won’t use that way out to to find ourselves on the street. That’s it. That’s it, that’s it, on the street. How, how can we get out from this? We’ll take you out from this. Telegram! Cica give me that telegram. What does he say? Games We’ll see now. Dear Mr. Finance Game We are saved. At the last moment. The models are arriving today. Stop. Mr. Finance, this is for Jugofashion, not for us. How? For Jugofashion? We are ruined. Definite and unavoidable scandal. Maybe some good will come from this? Don’t worry, we? I’ll be the Red Cross for you. We offer the help at the right moment. I am afraid to believe that you could help. From where did you come now, what can you do? We need models. Not parachutes and other glider pilots. That’s it. We’ll carry out the whole show. We are ready. From the presenter to models. Everything. The whole show? Games Yes. And can you walk like real models. One, two. One, two. Watch out Sonja. Jezebel, relax, straighten a bit. Let’s do it again, to the other side. More relaxed. Faster. Faster. I’ll give you even , dinars for the holiday, You’ll be splashing in sea like ducklets. Please. Games Thank you, thank you. I don’t know must I believe in the rescue. You mustn’t. The measurements.