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 Then he asked me where you were. Ha. I was at dinner. No, you weren’t. I saw you. Whoa! What are you saying? You were always with him. Dad knew. Ben 10 Stunt Mania! I told him that if he was gonna do it that he should do it . Please state your emergency. But I wasn’t going inside. Thanks. Hmm.  ford ranchero . Beautiful car. on my back fall asleep never know what it means to dream  on my back fall asleep never know what it means to dream  My cab’s here. New York, huh? Yeah. Wow. So, uh, call me when you get there? I think about him too, you know. I think about him. I think about him every day. Just like you. Every day. Every moment. Sophie Sophie He was sick, honey. It wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have stopped him. You couldn’t have, there was nothing you could have done. It wasn’t your fault. I know. Listen, um I’ll call you when I get there. Okay. I’ll, uh, get the door for you. Bye Ben 10 Stunt Mania. Before I started losing ’em I was pretty sure that, when you get down to it, The facts, I’m sayin’, Memories are all you really have.