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but everything ended nicely. Nice Game Ivek, caro mio Game I am here. TONIGHT JUGOCH FASHION SHOW Mr. Director. Mr. Director. Tonight at , my sweet little one, come to the river, to a white boat, to the white boat. I’ll give you the most beautiful smile from our river, that night, that night. Because it is the night, the golden night, the night of love Game Mr. Principal. Who would say that our Desa is so good looking? While naughty skirts are moving like waves, Yes, yes. And all of this could not happen. What do you mean? Well, the measurements. If Sonja hasn’t been lost, understand? She made that perfectly. It was well affected. Well affected? She didn’t have a clue about that we put a magnet beneath the compass. Magnet? How? She did not know? No. Where is Bora? I haven’t seen him the whole night. His word must be the final. Cousin, cousin Game Where is Bora? Where is Bora. Protocol. You must draw me Bora here in two minutes. In a minute. Is it how the star of the universe looks like? Look how she became heartrending. In the sky she is not afraid, and here, she became stiff. My beauty, come on, cheer up, cheerful, Head up. Have a walk. I don’t have a stage fright, don’t worry. Come on, rustle a bit, practice, practice. Like a model, practice, practice. Oh ah, it is not good Sonja. It is not good, look, I’ll show you. Look, like this. Like this. You see, like me. Just ordinarily. Flexible and elegantly. Help, cousin has fallen into the river. Mr. Director. What do you say? My company. Jugochic. Is it qualm some old, That tiredly came like a swallow, and opens my heart for a new rose that is growing. Why night is entwining in the sky and with the eye of the star kiss people. Why I am today discovered the summer that with your voice happiness wakes. Game youth does not know. And you who bode well the golden magic Your heart is Game That is Ivo Robic. Wow. How come a male is singing now? Everything is ruined. Wait. That’s it. Common, follow me. Game heartache for you. in each of them will always grow love and happiness of our sky. Let me now kiss your eyes made of dreams, white wishes, this desire makes me to kiss you. Just tonight, just tonight Game Ragazzi, you are my guests tonight. Game let me, like before, become your song. When summer was and your hair was made of dreams. Like this night. Listen to me, look at that small star that is watching us now. The summer is bringing back those distant secrets, While you are asleep on my shoulder. Amico mio, Ivo Robic. His and my friend. Protocol, you didn’t know about Game Mamma mia, mamma mia. Cousin, while the others are working, you are swimming. Maybe some good will come from this.