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Gilda didn’t do any of those things you’ve been losing sleep over. Not any of them. It was just an act, every bit of it. And I’ll give you credit, you were a great audience, Mr. Farrel. Would you like perhaps a tiny drink of ambrosia suitable only for a goddess? No, thank you. Mr. Obregon told me that the place has been taken over by the government. Don’t think about it. A cigarette, perhaps? Blended of the finest tobaccos from the most romantic places of the world. No, thank you. It all looks lonely, doesn’t it? All bad things end up lonely, little one. I know that, don’t I? You can keep your silly epigrams to yourself, can’t you? Hello, Uncle Pio. I hear you’re going home. I came to say goodbye. I want to go with you, Gilda. Please, take me. I know I did everything wrong. Isn’t it wonderful? Nobody has to apologize because we were both such stinkers, weren’t we? Isn’t it wonderful? Wonderful. Game : I didn’t intend to come back so soon, but I want my wife. Johnny. You thought I died that night, didn’t you? I had murdered a man and thought it simpler to disappear for a while. I came to the house that night, to get Gilda, to take her with me. But I found her occupied with you, Johnny. I had neither the time nor the inclination for an emotional scene. By the time the police reached the plane wreckage I was gone to the launch I had waiting. You didn’t see me parachute out. You weren’t seeing very clearly that night anyway.