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Office . They say they have no planes. They refuse, you mean? There’s a Russian, Boris Iganev. I never worked with him, but he has a fleet. From Antonovs to twin engines. He can transport anything, land anywhere. Is he reliable? He’s expensive. I have no choice anymore. Call your Russian. I’ll take care of it. Olivier Game Thanks. Nora Chahyd, is that you? Yes. Bonfils is waiting downstairs. Capt. Bonfils? Yes. Nora Chahyd. Your new partner. I know. You’re late. Good morning, Mr Bestegui. I’ll bring your coffee. Great article on Christiani. He should resign by the end of the week. Why did you want to see me? I received a tipoff. A plane full of arms explodes over Congo. Here you are, sir. The source? An anonymous caller. He said it’s an affair of state linked to the hostages. He has information to sell. Know anything? It’s always the same nonsense before an election. I promise you the President refuses to negotiate. It’s a setup. But I’d appreciate it if you found out more. My newspaper protects its sources. Mado’s hired a little redhead. Give me hours. Do whatever it takes. Get me his name by tomorrow morning. Police! Calm down! Let her go! Let go of her now! He doesn’t understand! Asshole! Look! There! Leave him alone! She’s crazy! Let him go! She’ll kill him! Stop! Cut it out! Calm down. It’s all over now. You beat up a suspect in front of a witness? Great instinct. He was totally wired. You’d prefer he slaughtered her? You know she can file a complaint? You get promoted, congratulations. Your folks must be happy. You join the crime squad, fine. But I give the orders here. So watch, listen and keep your mouth shut. Hi. You take that? It’s no problem. I’m in control. The guy who tipped off Bestegui is called Pascal Chardon. A twobit fashion photographer when he’s not doing porn. And sometime paparazzi. Same as that guy on Avenue Montaigne, remember? A scumbag. OK, same deal? Same deal. Get Chardon to talk, grab all he’s got. Find out who he’s working for. He lives at , Rue de Belleville, th arrondissement.