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And if the board is already nervous, then we might want to go with something a little more firm. Not bad. Maybe something in tech. Something a little more firm. I was thinking something in the technology sector. Uh, maybe dot-coms? We’d have to make sure there isn’t another bubble. That was a disaster. Now, I know that the tech bubble hit hard, but a lot of these companies have found their footing now. In fact, there are a lot of opportunities in some smaller firms. She’s actually not bad. Beauty and brains. So could you do some research on those firms and give us some revenue reports? Of course. You know if you were to choose a whale, a company that stands out from all the other startups, one company, what would you choose? Well, um, uh Uh-oh! Busted. How about, um MatchMe.com? The online dating site? Why didn’t I think of that? I’m even a member. You are? You? Uh, what? Well, it’s not just a dating site. My research shows me that, um, it actually is a very, um, advanced way of matching people together, yeah. She doesn’t know what it’s about at all. Be more specific. Tell me exactly how it works. Well, it’s all very scientific, really. Um, they use advanced algorithms to pair people based on compatibility and Interests, occupation, education. Interests, occupation, education. Whoa, that was spooky. How many members do they have? Oh, a million or Try million. Ten million, actually. or even , give or take a few lonely-hearts. Robert, didn’t you say that you were a member of MatchMe? I’ve heard of them, but who hasn’t? I like this, Elizabeth, I like this idea a lot. And when I land them as a client, it’ll be bigger than the Janus account. Go! Get out there! Make it happen! Sorry to interrupt your pharmaceutical thing. Your instincts are uncanny, Elizabeth. I may have misjudged you. Well, it’s all in the research. I’ll bet. So how did you know that I was on that site? Didn’t you mention it? Nope, never mentioned it to anyone. Huh. Lucky mistake, I guess. Hmm. Could she be spying on me? Nah. All right,