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I’m working on it. Warrior Zhao. I’m so honored, that you’ve come all this way to attend my wedding. I’m not here to attend yourwedding. I’m here to attend your funeral. And you are? He’s the Black knight. I’m not the Black knight, okay? I’m Games I’m Jack Bronson. Jack Bronson. I’ve got good news. And I have bad news. The good news is Games tomorrow Games when my bride and I are married. We will stand Games there. And you two Games will stand Games there. Okay, what’s the bad news? As soon as we’ve taken our vows Games you know, new life begins Games your life ends. He’s not bluffing, is he? Arun doesn’t do bluffs. Even maybe he’ll be feeling generous ’cause it his wedding day, and he’ll pardon us. Arun doesn’t do generous. Okay, ifhe doesn’t do this and he doesn’t do that Games is there anything that he does do? Well, he rapes, murders, and pillagers. I guess in anotherwords we’re dead. When one door closes, another one opens. See? Dinner is served. Urgh Games I was not expecting that. It’s time to eat.