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Ben10 Fast Hero But not without indisputable visual confirmation. Yes sir. Thank you, sir.Out.BEEPS Out. me.MUTTERS Is it my fault these guys look the same? I didn’t know what to say when he Game Don’t apologize. I get it. We all have to cover our ass. I just wanna know who this guy is if he’s not mahmoud. I’m thinking he’s the wife’s brother. Or maybe mahmoud’s brother. I wouldn’t feel like such a dick for mixing ’em up and almost Gamesing him. it. He’s probably Al qaeda too, or at least Taliban. These guys are tribal. Even the women hide kalashnikovs under their burkas. I bet every single one of the hajis knows about his plan to attack the U.S., you know? If kahlil gets home and we have to drop the hellfire on the hut Game We’ll probably take out five terrorists. And two children. Five to two is pretty damn good. If we got that percentage on every one of our missions, we’d be jumping up and down. CHUCKLES We’ll get kahlil when he’s coming on the road. Everything will be fine. Autotracking operational? Autotracking, check.Telephoto function? Telephoto, copy. As soon as we see him, boom. Okay? It will be a precise ing Games this time. Have you ever had a Games that wasn’t precise? We’re fighting a war.SCOFFS Compared to any other war, the shit we do here is pretty clean. And the other percentage is even cleaner. What other percentage?The percentage of us who die. Zero Game unless you count guys like desean. He died? Yeah.How? After he trains with me, he becomes one hell of a pilot. I mean everybody loves him. Very likable guy. He gets assigned to operation slingshot. He’s in one of the trailers across the way. Well, luck just so has it he’s the pilot who drops hellfire on the h.V.T. When you do that, you have to stick around, take photos to confirm but usually you just see char and smoke. Oh. We’re all celebrating, highfiving him. He looks happy. But that night he goes down to the half moon bar where you and I are gonna get some drinks tonight. Sits in the corner, throws back shots, gets in his car, drives off a ing cliff. Son of a bitch grew up in Compton.