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it, this is way too dangerous.” Jim had a high tolerance for danger. ! I mean, sure, he was drawn to that. All of us are in a way. He was cool as a cucumber as well. Hey, like wearing this little like, tiny vest that he used to wear. The fact that he stayed so calm made it easy to feel calm in that situation, but, of course, sometimes, I was just like, “Well, that’s crazy, I’m not going there with you.” I would come back to Benghazi and there was stuff going on there. There was families and they were out there in the protest, and they were out there maybe handling medical supplies, which is probably more important to what this revolutionary movement was… but then being called out to that front line again like some kind of siren song. It was one of those mornings where we decided we were gonna get out there early. We wanted to get a fresh look at the front lines. It was myself, Clare Gillis, Manu Brabo and Anton Hammerl, a South African photo-journalist. Meet my new friend. Anton. Anton. And what it was really was just a highway, a coastal highway going all across Libya, and this is where the battle was going on. So it was kind of like a Mad Max type war. Now this was something common that some reporters did. Freelancers like myself didn’t have big budgets, we’d jump in with the rebels. And it was at your own risk if you wanted to go further or not. We got to the points where we saw another group of rebels saying Gadhafi forces are meters away. And myself looking at Clare, like, that’s impossible. And I remember, you know, Anton turning to me and saying “Hey, this isn’t safe.” But we didn’t turn around, and we said, “Well, let’s get off the road anyways.” Well, that was the exact wrong thing to do. Two heavily armed Gadhafi pickup trucks came over that rise firing. I remember so clearly the sound of it, the volume of it, the sound of something eating metal… and I remember hoping against hope that there would be some kind of out, out of this, there was some kind of trap door in time. I crawled back to the sand dune, Anton was at the other sand dune in front of me, I heard him call for help. It appeared he was cut across the midsection with AK fire and it was a serious amount of blood. He had already lost consciousness and probably already died. A group of young soldiers approached me and we were thrown in the back of a truck. I remember getting photographed with a cell phone, and thinking, you know, this is where they find all these photographs that are evidence of war crimes some day, and realizing this is me now. I was with my mother. We were out to lunch and I received a phone call, and, um, that’s how we first heard, you know? I think I was in denial about how dangerous this really was, Brian. I was furious, just furious. Scared for him, furious. I hate to revisit it, but it’s just like… I told you, Jim. I think we all went through the stages of total shock, you know, and then just… What are we gonna do, and then anger. After all we’re family, you know? You’re so humble. You lost everything, your freedom, your control, your ability to talk to anybody