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Sorry I scared you. We’ll be braver, Daddy. Next time, I promise we’ll be braver. Put yourselves to bed. I’ve got a mess to clean up. AMELIA: That lock was bull. TV PLAYS INDISTINCTLY AUDIENCE LAUGHS What happened to the Valiant? I didn’t I tell you? It caught on fire. Oh. I’m depressed. AMELIA: Of course you are. Your dog ran away, your family gives you just barely enough money to live off, and you annoy people. You’re leaving out my haemorrhoids. Where are you going? I’m meeting Kim, Ali and Thurgood. Can I come? I guess. Can I come? No! GIRLS: God! We are hanging out with our friends! Why don’t you ever bring your friends here? To this hole? Stop saying that! Daddy, you can’t hang out with kids. It’s weird. We need to have our own life, and you need to have yours. How am I supposed to have my own life when you won’t let me do anything? Fine! We’re hanging out at the picnic tables. The death card. Does that mean I’m gonna die? AMELIA: Well, we all die sometime. Let’s start over. Oh. Any of you kids have a light? Can we finish this at your apartment? Our parents just got a new sectional. Never mind. Here’s one. AMELIA: How about you? My brother is studying for law school. You’re all welcome to come to our apartment. Cam, can we speak to you for a minute? What? What? I am about to lose my . We told you you could come hang out with us. We did not say you could invite people to the apartment. But it could be fun. Not fun. Humiliating. Do we need to spell it out? I can make tea. We can have cinnamon toast. There’s lots of board games. We don’t want people to see how we live! Big deal how you live! It’s not your fault! Tell them your father’s manic depressive or bipolar! Or whatever they’re calling it these days! Don’t not have friends because of me! it. Forget it. Never mind. I’m warning you. You’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve seen messy houses before. Not like this. WHISPERS I’ll run and close Daddy’s door. We brought some friends over. Really? DOOR CLOSES DOOR BANGS Why do you have so much stuff? Our dad is totally polar bear.