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sucked, go to class! Now you gotta drive me to school. I’m jerking off in the car.” “No, you’re not.” “Yes, I am.” “This is boring, my friends aren’t here. laughing The French toast sticks, Mom.” “I’m not getting in there.” “Then wait in the house and leave the heat on, it’s freezing.” laughing You know what I like to picture? I like to picture, like, a really content neighbor next door, who, like, loves his life, been married for years, just coming out in, like, a bathrobe, just being like Games exhales “What a beautiful morning, huh? This is great. Hey, Debbie, get down here. You gotta see this, it’s a good day.” “I’m getting ready.” “All right Games Love life. Hell, yeah.” laughing “What’s going on over there? That the Anderson kid? What’s he doing in that car? Windows are fogging up pretty good. And he looks pissed. What, is he jerking off? You can’t jerk off pissed, you’ll rip your off. Hey! Hey! Hey, Debbie, get down here. The Anderson kid is gonna rip his off. Hey! Hey, you’re gonna rip your off. Yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna rip your off! Don’t be angry. Oh, he flipped me off. Debbie!” laughing It’s the most ridiculous . You know what even is more baffling now, is how kids are sleeping with their teachers. We could have done that? laughing Who discovered that? What Christopher Columbus pioneer kid Games Seriously, especially, at . Thirteen years old, as a guy, is the most insecure time in your life. What cocky, arrogant, year-old kid would sit in the back of Spanish class with his friends, looking at the teacher, like, “Dibs.” laughing Like, even if you wanted her and thought she wanted you, like, how do you open up flirting, for real? It’s hard enough to hit on a girl in a grocery store. How, as a year-old, do you think she’s interested? What’s your sign? What, do you get, like, a “See me” on your test, and took it a different way? She’s like, “Okay, Billy, I needed to talk to you about your test.” “Why don’t we put that away, here’s what’s gonna happen. laughing Have you been playing games with me