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This is Houston Control. All systems are in a go status. We are at T-minus and counting. This is so real. I’ve changed my mind. I want to go to Medieval World. Now, Mrs Reed, nothing can go wrong. This is Houston Control. It’s only a simulation. We are in final launch sequence I know. at T-minus and counting. I know. Program the blast-off sequence. , , , , , , , , , . We have ignition. Increase passenger vibration red-line six. We are at maximum RFs and Gs. Bring the load simulator on the line at . Prepare weightless simulation to begin on my mark. We have been notified by Robot Center that Mr. Mubutu Games We will begin the Waters of Youth sequence on my mark. , , , mark. Prepare the illusion of Youth sequence for General and Mrs. Karnovski. When their hypnotic state has been achieved, please bring their carriage to exit Denver, and activate all servants at the palace. General and Mrs. Karnovski will dine in their living quarters this evening. At the General’s request, the Czar will give a ball in their honor at hours. Notify Robot Center that repairs on Czarina model must be completed by hours. Prepare the Saxon Knight sequence to begin on my mark. Who authorized the camera? No one, sir, they were told not to bring them. Well, don’t make any issue of it, but program the queen to steal it from him. Yes, sir. Begin the Saxon Knight sequence on my mark. , , , mark. I smell a heathen pig! No doubt, sir, you smell yourself! Notify Robot Center that the Saxon Knight has been terminated by Mr. Takaguchi. Everything all right? Yes, I think so. You spend too much time here. Well, these people are important. I don’t want anything to go wrong. Nothing can go wrong. We are at T-minus and Games Begin preliminary cosmetic studies. Have the subject’s full face on grid . Profile on grid . Preparing thermal read-outs on grid . Skin and hair on grid . Prosthetics monitoring all grids. Subject’s face, class R, type . The baseline studies on subject beta-niner are now complete. Begin cosmetic studies on SR and SR now.