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Grandma! Put me down What’s the matter, Krishna? You look very happy today. Grandma, l got a call from Priya! You told me that she’d forget me? But it’s not true, Grandma! She misses me every moment. She’s always thinking of me! And she keeps seeing me everywhere! And l nevertold you. .l’ve been in a similar state. Ever since Priya has left, l never liked anything. But today with her call, l feel better. Grandma, Priya has called me to Singapore She wants me to meet her mother. Her mother? Yes lf l don’t go and ask for her hand. .her mother’s going to get her married to someone else l said l wouldn’t let that happen, l’m coming. l did the right thing, didn’t l Grandma? May l go, Grandma? lt’s only a matter of a few days, grandma l’ll ask for Priya’s hand in marriage and bring her back with me May l go, Grandma? You’re not answering, Grandma When you’ve already decided to go. .why ask me? Go on. Go. You aren’t happy, Grandma? Don’t you like Priya? l like Priya. .but l don’t like the idea of you going so far. lf Priya really loves you.