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to congratulate you on the publicity for your Teenage Rebellion programme. Extremely kind of you, I’m sure. Sensational, just sensational. Haven’t we met before? Oh, it’s not impossible. My show business interests are extensive. As I was saying, the ads for your programme are fabulous. Well, I’m so grateful to you, but as you see, we’re very busy. You see, I happen to be closely related to this Bongo Herbert. The boy you’re featuring in your advert. Oh, yes. You his father? Uh, no, closer than that. Manager. Hmm. I’m afraid we cannot allow you to use the film material of our client. But we’ve made him the keynote. He runs through the whole film. I’m afraid our lawyers feel that this programme of yours, praiseworthy as it may well be, is denigratory to our client’s professional status. Would you care to see the documents? We had no idea the boy had any professional status. My dear Harding, the kid has records coming out all the time. Why, Garrick Records have an immense investment in him. You’re not just exploiting an unprotected kid, you know. I assure you, we have no desire to exploit anyone. Anyone at all. Better sit down. We don’t want our boy exhibited as a teenage curiosity. Teenagers are regarded by the corporation with the deepest reverence. By me, too, I assure you. We’re quite prepared to pay your client a fair fee. It isn’t the mere money, Harding. We’re loaded. It’s the principle of the thing. How much have you in mind? Fifty. Oh, please! Seventy-five. It’s a documentary. Yes, but Bongo Herbert isn’t an inexpensive herringbone! We have the most eminent people coming to discuss this Bongo and his symptoms. I mean, his art. It’s a programme on the highest level. And is as far as we’re prepared to go. I’ve been watching you very closely, Harding, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a deeply sincere person and I’m gonna do my best to help you. Well, I’m very glad if you feel that way, Mr, um Games Uh, Jackson. So, we’ll take the . Uh, ask your cashier to leave it for me on my way out. Very well.