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Thanks, Rick. Really, uh, thanks for taking a chance on this thing. No, Charlie. Thank you. Really? Thank you for reminding me I do more than just get people drunk. Call me tomorrow. I want to talk about another show. Okay. I’m thinking space aliens next time. Rick, that’s ridiculous. Clark. Hey, man. It was a great show tonight, huh? Yeah. It’s awesome. Must be even greater when you know all the words to the music, huh? Yes. Very enjoyable. How the hell did you know all the words to “Amazing Grace”? Um Games Grace is Games my mom. And she is amazing. Grace is your mom? Yeah. I-If she’s your mom, then that means that Games Glen’s my grandfather. I always wondered why you cared so much. He died before I had a chance to meet him, so Games Tonight’s the first night he ever sang. I had to see it. Yeah, you did. I, um Games I found this in my grandpa’s stuff. Uh Games Charlie, I wanted you to have this so you know how much you meant to him. Open it. All right. He saved it. So, you knew the whole time that Glen was gonna play tonight? Yeah, I thought I did, but there were some scary moments there. You’re telling me. Did you ever tell him who you were? No way, man. Guy scares the out of me. Oh. You know, Charlie, it’s, uh Games it’s been fun, but, uh, I think I should, uh, get back. Wait, wait, whoa. Now? Yeah. Could you just Games just tell me just one thing I need to know? Yeah, anything. Yeah? Okay, okay. Will there ever be a day when The Damnsels’ music is in the front section of the record store without me having to put it there? Um Games Charlie, about record stores, uh Games Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What about record stores? Clark, what about record Games Games stores? You gotta take it down. It’s Brent Morin. It’s his special tonight. He’s cool. All right? He’s with me. He’s good? He’s with Games I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry. He’s with me. This is my list. I’m with him, we’re here together. Hey! Hey, whoa. You’re with him? Man Games How you been, man? I’ve been great, dude. You’re looking good, man.