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You’re saying you knew? Those people are ing dead because of you. I didn’t know about the bugs. What the are you talking about? You’re ed up! They knocked the lights out. How do they know how to do that? What are they, electricians now? There’s a back-up generator. We’ll wait till the sun comes up. And then we’ll make a run for it in the morning. We have to drive the hell out of here right now. Where are the keys? Keys, keys. God, I lost the ing van keys. Alright, I’m gonna retrace my steps. I’m gonna find the keys to the van and we’re gonna drive ’til we run out of gas. No! I won’t let you go alone. Will you just shut the up and trust me, please? I’m the only one who goes. Don’t, do-don’t go out there. ’cause the wasps will come in here and lay eggs in me. How do I know when you’ll be back? You don’t. “Singing in the Rain.” The bee’s favorite movie. I mean, I know it’s a dead joke but games I like it, I don’t know. Close the windows behind me. Oh, Jesus. me! What the am I doing? Okay, okay. That young man has balls of steel. To be a man you have to be a man. Yeah. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna try that shoe trick again. You alright? Hmm. Oh. Percy. Percy. God damn it. Percy games What’s the matter with you? Get away! The weenie. He got bit and didn’t tell us. Percy. Oh! Aah! Oh, Jesus! Oh, my God! Oh, God. Oh games Oh, God! Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God! Help us. What is going on? Alright. Are you okay? Did you find the keys? Yes. Yes, I did. Is it still safe? No, it’s not. We have to go through the house. Come on. Let’s go. Okay. Oh. Oh, my God. Okay, come on. Shh. Alright. Just gotta go. Shh. No. Okay. I got this. Damn it! This stuff’s harder than granite. Shit. ! I’ll go. Come on! Quick! Hold on. Get out of here. Kiss my ass! Come on. ! ! They’re nailed shut. It’s like ing Fort Knox in here. I don’t wanna be here anymore. I wanna be at home. I gotta feed my dia games My diabetic dog Ace. Then, I’m gonna take a bath, and I’m gonna go to bed. That’s what I need to do. I need to sell my business. I mean, nobody’s gonna hire me after this.