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We just go round and round, faster and faster. We have to get out of it, with the help of God. That was close! Did you get stuck in the hook? It was electricity. It’s all over the house. But they didn’t count on my heart being so strong. You mean that there is electricity in the wall? Now the others can get to me since you don’t believe me anymore. You don’t understand a thing. I’ll examine the wall. We haven’t done anything wrong. The world is a wolf. Now it’s caught our scent. We’ve chosen love, the world hasn’t. Are you sure? Absolutely. They will test you. How? I don’t know, but it will be horrible. You must choose. Me or the world. I mustn’t help you. That’s not allowed. Just one thing, Sune. Whatever happens, don’t forget that I’m not ill. I just see what’s about to happen. I see the sign. You’re afraid and that fear confuses you. It will kill the love inside us. Only we can kill that. You don’t understand what the world does. You don’t notice it. What does it do? It’s trying to separate me from you. But it can’t! Will you sleep here with me? That’s the last of the salt. We haven’t got any more bread. Come. Here we won’t be contaminated with arsenic. I can’t. You can if you want to. And love? Forever and ever game In Uppsala Cathedral. It was the last of the salt game Your hand is my hand? Yes. Your mouth is my mouth? Yes. My eye is your eye? Especially the right one. My bad eye is yours? Especially your bad eye. I don’t want you to buy food. There’s nothing left anywhere. We haven’t eaten in two days. It’s not feasible. We need salt. You can stand behind the curtain by the window. You’ll see me on the other side of the street. It’ll only be a few minutes. I’ll turn a corner and go into the nearest local shop. It’ll only take minutes, maybe . Then I’ll come back. Who’s at the till? Not her. She doesn’t work there. And all the hairs in the shopping bag? I don’t understand game I haven’t spoken to her, since game I haven’t touched her. She was here the other night. There was hair everywhere. Then there’s only the other option: