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If civilization is to survive we must combat power until the dignity and peace of man are restored. What’s the meaning of this? Any news? No, Sir. Nothing from the Atomic Commission? Not a word. I wrote them again last week but have had no reply. Strange. No news. No social invitations. I believe it’s a boycott. Why? It could be something you said. Your interview with the press was rather political. You mentioned your atomic plans would revolutionize modern life and bring about a utopia. What’s wrong with that? Well, at the moment, everyone’s in such a state of hysteria that such talk as utopia terrifies them. I never heard such nonsense. What’s that? Might be news from the Atomic Commission! No, it’s the hotel bill. I know the envelope, they’ve sent it times. How much do we owe them? $,. Isn’t that exorbitant? Well, we’ve been here weeks. It also includes $, you’ve had in cash. How much have we left? Not a penny, Sir. Too bad we didn’t accept those TV offers. I think we should move to a cheaper hotel. No, it’s quite comfortable here. But the atmosphere’s becoming frigid. Even the waiters are getting rude. I’ve been trying to get one for minutes. Would you like some lunch, Sir? Something simple. Caviar, toast and onions. Caviar? Yes, a large tin of it, and chop the onions very fine. Same for you, Jaume? Thank you, Your Majesty, I’ll take a ham sandwich and a beer. And some vodka, on ice! Your Majesty! What’s the meaning of this? Pardon me, Sir. Your Majesty, I’ve just got to talk to you. Please, listen first and if you don’t like it, throw me out. Your Majesty, I never take no for an answer. I have a check for $, from the Royal Crown Whiskey Co. I know you don’t need the dough games Be seated, Miss Kay. Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Your Majesty, here’s the proposition. You’re on television, seated in a beautiful baronial hall. A butler pours you a glass of Royal Crown Whiskey, and with your natural majestic charm you say a few words and drink. I’m to advertise whiskey? I know it’s beneath your dignity, but there’s $, in there.