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Everybody understand that? Yes. Does anybody have any questions? What? Do you wear bulletproof vests? Have to to protect myself. Who else? In the police car, are you always with somebody? I have a partner named Officer Roy Cole. We’ve worked together for the past , years. He’s a very good friend. OK. You. Can you show me how to use your handcuffs? Sure. Come here. What’s your name? Matthew. Matthew? All right, Matthew, put your hands out. Think I could get him to use those on me? There you go. You’re under arrest, Matthew. Hi. I couldn’t take off without saying thanks for letting me impress the kids. That was really a lot of fun. Penny really set it up. Yeah. I talked to Penny before. I’d like to apologize for the other night. Michael’s behavior, that kind of took me by surprise. I would’ve never shown up. Pete, it’s not you. It’s him. He’s just not been himself lately. Would you like to go get a cup of coffee? I don’t go on for a while. That’s not a good idea. You’re safe with me. I’m a cop. Just for a little while? Yeah. Just Games Is everybody in here a cop? Yeah, pretty much. About a year ago, some jerk came in here and tried to rip this place off. He didn’t do too well. When he come crashing through the skylight, I say, “How’s your dick?” I’m sorry. We should go somewhere else. No. This is great. Really? Yeah. I think it’s really nice you got a place to go. I’d like one. Just Games this is Games this is my least favorite time of the day. Why? Well, ’cause it’s getting dark out and Michael’s not home yet. How’d you and Michael get together? I was a waitress at his first club. Really? You were a waitress? It was the first job I ever had Games The first one I needed. We were kind of well-off. My father, as it turned out, had sort of a gambling problem, so Games You know, then people started coming over and taking our cars in the middle of the night. It was kind of a scary time. And Michael took you away from all that? Things always came really easily to Michael. Is that why you married him? I married him because I fell in love with him.