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Help. Eight. Six. Seven. Two. One. Eight. Nine. Three. Seven. Six. Nine. Seven. Three. Five. Eight. Eight. Six. Five. What do you have inside that head? What do you have? You have anotherwoman. No. No? No, no. No. No. Come on, let’s go dancing. Have you ever danced in a barn before? No, it’s the first time. Wait. Wait here. l’ll go get something to drink. Wait! Two glasses. Thank you. l’ll pay later. Certainly. Alfredo! Alfredo, where are you? Alfredo! Don’t leave me alone! Oh! Alfredo. What’s wrong with her? lt’s nothing. l don’t see. l’m blind. This music is so beautiful. Please don’t stop dancing just for me. Play on. Play on! Faster. Faster. Faster! How wonderful! Make me fly. And to think she has such beautiful eyes, huh? Mmm, oh, yes. Very beautiful. Alfredo, give me a kiss. Hey, look at the blind girl. Would you like a drink? No, no. l think you need a drink. l know l need a drink, and therefore if l need a drink, l know that you need a drink, and, therefore, we should both have a drink. All right? Yeah. Blind, eh? You’re notAlfredo. Who are you? How awful! You have no pity for a blind girl. Monster! Oh! Oh, Alfredo. Come on, stop this game. Pretty, isn’t it? Alfredo, how could you do that to me? You mustn’t ever leave me alone again. Oh, stop it. You’re outrageous. l’m an animal de luxe. This is my, uh, best friend, Olmo. This is Anita. This is game Anita, this is Ada. This is Anita. This isAda. lt’s soft. lmagine ifwe had one like this. lt’s warm. lt’s warm. Yes. Oh, it feels good. Oh, yes. Beautiful. Beautiful. This morning with an epileptic and now with a blind girl. One more like this and you can open a hospital. You’re the one that’s blind. Are they ready? A blind girl, huh? Thank you. Thank you. You saved me. l was afraid l had to go on all evening. So you come in here all dressed and perfumed to make fools of us. Stupid, spoiled. How is it you call us? Hicks? Peasants? Uh game l know. You’re right. But it always happens like this. l can’t stand it. So l close my eyes and l bang into people.