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Yeah. So was Bill Vogel, according to the coroner. Susie, do you know if there’s any more of those crystals? No, I don’t. I’m going back to my office and check out that schematic again. Go ahead. It’s okay. Sighs Jack. Alarm sounds Come on, Doug. We got him. He was here. What’s that? How did these get here? One, two, three, four, five. Crystals? Sharpe. Hey! Where’d you get those crystals? What crystals? The ones you’ve been selling your friends. I– I– I got ’em at the swap meet. Sharpe, don’t lie to me. What about these? Ellen Winters and Bill Vogel are dead. Because of those crystals. And Susie Fuller’s in the hospital. Breathes heavily I didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. Where are the rest of ’em? There’s one in my top drawer there. I gave the other one to my girlfriend. Sherri? Yeah. Oh, my God. She’s Jennie’s roommate. All right. Call your girlfriend right now. She’s at work. Call her. Phone dialing Heartbeat thumping Suppose he is building a long-range communication device. He’s got the circuitry, he’s got the electrical transformer, he’s got most of the crystals. What else does he need? A power source. Heartbeat thumping Did you find her? Yes, but she doesn’t have it on. It’s at home, bathroom cabinet. Jennie! Heartbeat thumping Busy. I’m going over there! All right. I’ll meet you at the reactor. Okay, Mom. Love to Dad. I love you, too. Bye. Heartbeat thumping Water running Humming tune] Door creaks No. No. Please. No. Linda, this is Professor McCadden. Get your camera and come over to the reactor building. Linda, now. Jennie! Jennie! Jennie. Did he touch you? No. He took the crystal. Sighs Thank you, Douglas. What are you guys doing here? Proving my theory. I knew all along that you’d taken that Radio and now I know where you’ve hidden it. What? Oh, come off it, professor. Don’t you realize what has been going on here? Yes, as a matter of fact. You’ve been getting away with murder. Well, the game is over. And as soon as I call Lt. Plummer, you’ll be on your way to jail, and I’ll have what I deserve.