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And aiding a bank heist, you idiot! Man, you got this all wrong. All right, I I know this doesn’t look good, but I can explain, all right? Yeah. Son of a All right, it’s true. I killed Charlie Stechel, but it was self-defense. I was just tryin’ to protect my son. We saw him shoot Levi without provocation, all right? And then he turned on me and Danny. He was gonna kill us! And I’m pretty sure that Charlie and Richie did the bank job with Levi. Shut up. Highly unlikely, Billy. The Stechel brothers are two of my finest officers. Yeah, there’s no other explanation for why they were all out in the woods like that. Yes, I’ll be sure to look into it as soon as this is all over. What is this? This looks like a rendezvous map. No, it’s not like that, all right? Look, Levi told me to come here, and to get the money for him, and and and he insisted I not tell the cops. What was I supposed to do? Tell the cops! Come on, man. Why would you even attempt something like this? I didn’t attempt anything, all right? I’m just tryin