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I thought I’d stop by and see what my favorite psychiatrist was up to. Sleeping, at least I was. LAUGHS What are you talking about? It’s like game Oh, :. RACHEL Go home Miles. That’s a good idea. Oh, Christ Miles, look at you. GRUMBLING Come in, I’ll call you a cab, you’re not driving like this. Watch your step. You have a nice place here. RACHEL Where’s my phone? Elizabeth kicked me out. What? When? Last week. Ah, I don’t know, maybe the week before. She’s divorcing me. For real this time. Had her lawyer serve me the papers and everything. I’m so sorry, Miles. SIGHS Where are you staying? LAUGHS Some bag motel. Over on Forest. I swear, it feels like I’ve arrested half the people that hang around that place. You can crash on the couch tonight. Thanks. You are the best. Lamar? Just a second, we’re attacking the warlocks in full force. This is what you do right before you have to go to bed? Ah ! Hey, language. Sorry, it’s just that we were so close that time. You can slaughter warlocks later, it’s bedtime. Hey, I mean it. I know, I’ll just be a few more minutes. RACHEL All right, good night. Just three months ago. What happened to you, Delores? FOREBODING MUSIC MOANING EERIE MUSIC And the good witch turned Greta back into a princess. GIRL WITH RED BOW I’m tired of this story. I know. GIRL WITH RED BOW Wait, Grandma doesn’t like us touching her things. She’ll never know unless you tell. HEAVING FOREBODING MUSIC ALARM RINGING DOOR KNOCKING Lamar? He better not use all the hot water again. GRUMBLING Rachel? Morning. Wondering where you are? This would be my living room. Oh game Coffee? Ugh, yeah. Oh . GRUMBLING You like it black, right? Yeah. Hmm. You have the good stuff. No need to ask how you’re feeling. Would it be too much trouble to ask you for some aspirin? Not at all, I got some upstairs. Did you finish your homework for Ms. Maura? All of it? Uhuh. All right, see you downstairs. MILES Oh . Hey. Oh, hey. Sorry. PHONE RINGING Hang on. COUGHS O’Connor. No, yeah, yeah, yeah, soon. SIGHS Yeah, yeah, yeah, kiss my ass